A Book on Invisible Spaces  

Using the medium of photography my goal is to document spaces intentionally created and organised forideological usage, places, that are functioning in the universe of values and ideas.I treat the space as it was a text that carries ideas and meaning. Therefore I try to create photos not only tobe seen but also to be read from. The space is able to express a visual language that represents a certainsymbolism, a history, an ideology and even its creators. The key to the selection was to chooseorganisations that already are or willing to be recognised by the public and intend to have an impact onthe society. The project’s interest is to discover the backstage or hinterland of these organisations.The project includes some of the major offices of political parties, Non Governmental Organisations anduninstitutionalised initiatives functioning in Poland.I would like to raise the question of how the ideological domestication is being made; what is the currentstate of democracy; what is common, visible for a certain community; who is the subject, and who is anobject of ideological narration.

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